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russian blue

Russian Blue

Russian Blue is a cat that is said to have originated in the Archangel island of northern Russia. It was also called the archangel cat or foreign blue. Around 1860 many sailors brought these cats back to England and northern Europe. It was the cat of the royal family in Russia and some say that this cat is the descendant of Queen Victoria's cat. In 1875, the archangel cat was first introduced to the public at the crystal palace in England. At the time the Charteux was the favorite cat in England. The British breeders tried to make the archangel cat similar to the British cats and mixed them with the others. After that year, the special character of the archangel cat was lost. After they realized that the traits of the archangel cat was lost, the breeders tried to recover them.

In 1912, the Russian Blue was acknowledged as one of the breed. Later, the cat was brought to the United States and it became one of the favorite breeds.
The special characteristic of the Russian Blue is that its fur is short and has a blue color. Its fur is smooth and has a silver color toward the edge. It has no stripes. The Russian blue's head is shaped like a "V" and is forehead is flat. Its eyes are light green. Its ears are big and pointy toward the top. Its neck is long and thin. Because of these characteristics, some people describe it as a cobra's head.
This cat is sharp and muscular. It is not muscular like a professional wrestler. It is muscular much like a swimmer.
The Russian Blue has a mild and quiet character. It rarely cries and even when it does its sound is not loud. Because of this, it has a nickname of "the voiceless cat." To its family, the cat is very faithful and charming and gentle. It is sensitive to the owner's feelings. To the strangers, it is very shy. The cat is also very curious and active. It likes to jump to high places and also look out the window.
Nebelung is a cat breed that came from the Russian Blue. All the character and look of the Nebelung resembles the Russian Blue except that its fur is long. In comparison to the Russian Blue's quick and sharpness, the Nebelung appears more elegant.
John J. Lee is a freelance writer and developer of the Russian dictionary

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