Thursday, January 5, 2012

cattle prices

Cattle Prices - A Short Review

Cattle prices are just rising like skyrocketing and it may continue to grow higher in the coming time. Some of the reasons for increase in cattle prices include increase in export of feeder cattle, lower supply and increase in demand for beefs and cattle. According to the current structure of prices, an average cattle weighing about 800 to 900 pounds may cost $3.20 per hundred kilos of weight greater than the price of last week, which is about $107.97. One could see an overall increase of around $10 for each of the hundred kilos in each weight class.

It is being expected that some calves will be soon shown up in the cattle market in the coming weeks and cow and calf producers are hoping a great change or increase in feeder cattle prices through this calf run. Many of the countries world wide are now thinking and planning for diary projects especially by collaborating with an overseas or foreign partner so as to meet the increase in milk demands. Beef and other poultry production is also expected to show a sharp increase in coming year even up to 29-41 percent along with a steady increase in demands for diary products.
Integrated dairying and cattling also has an important role in ensuring a regular income for farmers and thus enable food security and native cattle has an essential role in this. Many of the state governments in several countries are planning to boost diary production through improved cattle breeding system including cloning and other methods. These ambitious plans are expected to raise good outputs in the field of cattle marketing. Cattle rearing do have an important role in economic raising in rural areas and so cattle breeders should be alert against this and must give extra care and protection for the same.
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