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parrot tricks

Secret Tips On Teaching Parrot Tricks

Parrots are known to be brilliant birds. They are tested for how well they can learn parrot tricks such as talking or obeying commands. One of the most fun things in owning a parrot is teaching it these tricks.
Although these birds are fast learners, it does take some time and patience to teach them as it would any other animal. Also, a parrot that has learned your teachings will be well-behaved and therefore be much easier and more enjoyable to have around.

As with any other animal, owners should keep their teaching sessions very short. If they are too long, the impact on the parrot could be negative because they will not be able to retain too much information at one time. Another thing owners need to do is be positive and patient at all times with the bird. Do not start a training session if you are going to be negative or yell because the outcome will have no benefits.
When starting training, you should always choose a quiet area and be in a positive mood. If you are stressed out, it may not be a good day to train your parrot because you might be impatient. Also, make sure the room is brightly lit and that the bird is comfortable.
One trick that many owners teach their parrots is how to "step up". This teaches the bird something that it will use almost every day of its life. This trick involves teaching the parrot to simply step forward and up onto and object in front of it.
To train your bird in "stepping up", place your finger gently in front of the parrot's feet and say "step up" in a calm voice. If you have a bigger bird, use your forearm instead of your finger. You may also use inanimate objects also. Once your pet has performed the trick, always reward it with a small treat.
Learning to "turn around" is another useful trick that owners like to teach their birds. To teach this trick, you do a similar routine as you would in teaching "step up". Instead of placing your finger in front of the bird however, you move it to the parrot's back so that it has to turn and see it. Holding food would also help get the bird's attention.
One more trick that you may want to teach your bird is how to speak. This may be necessary if you want the parrot to say nice words instead of screeching all the time. Also, by teaching your bird how to talk, it becomes more social and you and others can interact with it more. Start off using one or two-syllable words, and once the bird has mastered this you can increase its vocabulary. Remember, in order for your bird to remember the trick, you may need a treat. Repeating the lessons will also be necessary when trying to get your parrot to remember phrases.
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