Thursday, January 19, 2012

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The Art of Parrot Breeding

Parrot breeding is both science and art. It can be a key component of how you pick and chose your pet parrot - or how your baby birds will behave if you want to sell them. The way the breeders raised their parrots can greatly influence their future behavior, trick learning, and yes, even their longevity and ability to talk.

When you come to think about it, parrot breeding is not just about procedures and methods that prepare your pet parrot for you. The ways and means that parrot breeders use to rear and train your pet is a combination of a systematic methodology that is combined with craftsmanship. It is not for everyone; you cannot just be a parrot breeder because it is commercially viable.
Parrot breeding entails a lot from the breeders; it does not only involve a little bit of financial backing but also a lot of personal and non-monetary investment. Most important of all is the commitment of the parrot breeder to the animals he has decided to rear and care for. No amount of advanced and methodical systems can take the place of the kindness, care, time and energy a breeder invests in his bird raising endeavor.
All parrot breeders play a major role in the lives of every bird they rear. Breeding methods used greatly affect the health of parrots. Thus, it is imperative for would-be pet owner to understand and scrutinize the practice and routines of where their prospective pet will come from.
Two most important aspects that would-be owners should focus on is the weaning and the feeding of the parrot. Weaning is the final part of the hand rearing stage. This is the stage where a baby parrot has to be prepared to be fledged.
Another important facet of parrot breeding is feeding. A parrot breeder should be very particular about feeding since different parrot species have different responses to feeding. Parrot breeders must recognize each of the birds' needs and requirements, especially that feeding can be a messy proposition. They always understand and make sure that the parrot's diet is nutritious and safe.
All the parrot's future behaviour patterns, the levels of socialization, intelligence as well as emotional health is largely dependent on the methods of parrot breeding used for its rearing and early care. Every serious parrot breeders abide by these principles because they know that providing their stocks with the excellent care and the best practices and routines will make their business more successful.
Go and get your cherished pet bird but make sure that you are going to choose the best parrot breeder. Choose your pet from one who is passionate about what he or she does, and would usually take time to explain to you the parrot breeding methods effective for your prospective pet. Select wisely and enjoy years of great companionship!
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