Saturday, January 21, 2012

quaker parrots

Finding Helpful Quaker Parrots Information

Once you get involved with a Quaker parrot, the amazing personalities of these birds will make you want to look for any sources that can provide you with lots of Quaker parrots information, and this could be via websites, articles, and books. There are a great many issues to understanding and relating to these birds, so you'll need to find sources that have a great deal of information on topics such as the major differences, and pros and cons between female and male birds.

Another major issue that requires proper research is the Quaker diet, so it would probably be a good idea to search for Quaker parrots information about a proper balanced diet for these birds. This shouldn't be too difficult, because they are informational websites with lots of information on this topic.
There are lots of topics you can learn about such as understanding and learning about their intelligence, how to look after baby Quaker parrots, and how to teach these parrots to become prolific talkers(you may regret this one). Some other information you may want to look into would be parrot rescue which might encourage you to adopt a rescue bird. You will probably be able to find all this Quaker parrot information available on the better websites.
Probably one of the best websites for information on these birds is which was created by a woman who is obviously a Quaker parrot enthusiast with many many years of experience. Go check it out, it's a great site.
One of the first projects she got involved with in order to help other individuals with an interest in these birds was the Quaker Parakeet mailing list which became extremely popular and influenced her into starting the website.
One of the most popular areas of the website for people seeking Quaker parrot information is the FAQ page, which offers lots of answers to questions relating to this bird. There is no doubt with the help given by websites like this one you will soon become knowledgeable about this wonderful and fascinating parrot.
Malc as being interested in exotic birds,in particular parrots for many years and you will be able to find much more information about Quaker parrots and plants for parrots on his website

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