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facts about parrots

Five Interesting Facts About Parrots

When many people picture a parrot, they immediately think of the mostly green colored bird with the colorful wings that is familiar to them from pirate movies or a visit to the zoo. Parrots come in a wide variety of colors though, including red, orange, and blue. Their wings often are multi colored, as are their necks and the crown of their heads. Some parrots, Cockatoos in particular, can also be solid white or solid black.

Parrots make wonderful pets and are very unique in some areas of the world. It is hard for a pet owner to blend into the crowd when he has a parrot sitting on his shoulder.
Here are five little known facts about parrots.
-Though parrots are primarily found in South America, Southeast Asia, and the South Pacific, there is only one continent where parrots are not recognized as living wildly: Antarctica, of course.
-The most popular parrot as a pet is the Budgerigar, known to many as Budgies.
-One of the attributes that makes parrots so popular is their ability to mimic the human voice. They do this without actual vocalcords like people have, these sounds are all made by forcing different amounts of air through their nose and mouth.
-The smallest species of parrot is the Buff Faced Pygmy Parrot. It measure in at an average length of just over three inches and weights about one third of an ounce.
-The longest parrot is the Hyacinth Macaw. This beautiful bird regularly grows to be longer than three feet in length. The heaviest parrot though is thought to be the Kakapo which can weigh as much as nine pounds.
There is nothing quite like having a parrot for a pet.
Parrots are great pets, and any parrot info that a prospective owner gets could be extremely useful. From the perfect parrot stand to the right food, there is a lot to know about raising parrots, but the information is out there.
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