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Parrot Training - Three Tips If Your Bird is Crazy

Parrot Training is extremely important if you want to have a happy bird who you and the whole can enjoy. Parrots are beautiful birds and make great pets but it's very frustrating when you don't have the bird you want. That's why it's so important to learn how to train your bird the right way the first time. Everybody loves a well trained bird who is obedient, can talk and even do bird tricks. But no one wants a crazy bird.

So lets' talk about parrots and why you should train them. And, a little bit about bird psychology and how you should go about training your bird even if he hates you. Your bird isn't crazy, he just needs to be trained
So what is Parrot Training
Parrot training requires that you take the time to build a relationship of trust with your bird to the point where both of you fully trust each other. It's a process which takes time but in the end you will have total control of your parrot, he will be happy and eager to spend time with you and you won't have to be concerned with a problem bird who is unpredictable or misbehaves.
It's important that you be loving and caring with your parrot of course but at the same time let them know who is in charge. You accomplish this with bird training. That means gaining the dominant position and keeping it. In the end both you and your bird are happy because you will have a relationship and, an understanding of who's the boss. You.
When To Start Training Your Bird
Obviously training your bird early is the best way to go. If you get a hand fed baby you're in a great position. You will have a really nice and happy bird who loves people and isn't as skittish as some birds tend to become later in life. Handling young birds frequently gets them use to you early so they won't have any fears and human interaction will be normal for them.
Your main challenge will be training them not to bite or nip as they discover the power of their beaks after weaning.If you happen to get an older bird who has not been well socialized you will have a little more work to do, especially if he is fearful. But you will able to train him. You'll simply have to chart a slower course and first gain your birds trust before you can gain his affection.
Parrot Psychology
Birds don't think like us so understanding this will help you enormously in your training efforts. Don't get upset because your parrot is a little loud at times and seems crazy. Birds communicate through vocalization and that's why they're so loud occasionally.
Now your bird will scream and bite if he's not properly taken care of or even frightened, so make sure he always has enough food, water, toys to play with and a big cage to move around in.
These are your birds basic essentials and you simply can't neglect these. Even so, there is still going to be a certain amount of bird chatter which is unavoidable. Of course there is a difference between idle chatter and chronic screaming or biting. But understanding your birds nature is going help you understand how to approach your training.
Parrot Training Process
Training by repetition is a standard and the best way to get started. It's very simple and yes....repetitive. The process simply involves selecting a specific task or reaction you want to teach or train your parrot. You set the stage, initiate the action and either reward or don't reward your bird based on his response.
Now before you get into advanced training you must have a bird that is not afraid of you. Spend time with him, sit by his cage and talk to him until he's not so afraid or jumpy.
If your bird is afraid then you have to approach slowly and back off when he tells you to. Your bird will let you know by verbal or physical reaction. Stand still for a minute or so and then back off. It's important to let him know he's not going to be hurt. Seems too simple but this is actually step one in training folks. Over time your bird will start to relax, you just have to do this first step repetitiously.
The next step involves getting closer and then moving on to the "step up, step down" command. Advanced training is right down the road. You have to start somewhere so the sooner you start the better obviously. Before you know it your parrot will be as nice as can be and soon you'll even have him doing bird tricks.
Is Bird Training That Simple
Don't worry if you have a bird who seems crazy and out of control, a bird who screams, lunges and tries to bite people all the time. It's not his fault, he just hasn't been trained. Any bird can be trained, it's just a matter of strategy and desire on your part. You have to commit to properly socializing your parrot and be patient during the process.
Parrot Training is essential if you want a happier and friendlier bird. So remember, Parrots need to be trained in order to be happy family members who can play well with others without screaming or biting all the time.
They must have their basic needs met in order to ready them for training and if they yell a little it's not necessarily because they're a bad bird, they're just talking to you.
Parrots think like....well, birds, so it's important that you realize this and work to gain the dominant position in the relationship. You have to gain your parrots trust first before you get his affection.
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