Thursday, January 19, 2012


What To Think About Before Having Parrots As Pets

Many people who keep parrots as pets have great experiences and truly enjoy their choice of pets. However, many people will get a parrot before realizing what a responsibility they are, and do not keep their pet for long, which is stressful for the bird. That is why it is important to make sure that you are prepared before bringing a parrot into your home.

Having a parrot as a pet can be compared to having a newborn, without the 2 hour feedings through the night. Because bigger parrots have an impressive life span from 40 to 80 years, bringing one of these into your home will be a life-long commitment that you need to be prepared for. They are also highly intelligent creatures that will need a lot of attention from all the members of your family.
You have to think about the way a parrot will affect the atmosphere of your home, and the way the atmosphere of your home will affect your parrot. Even the most sociable parrot will get overwhelmed if there are a dozen kids, five dogs, and ten cats running around wild. You want to be sure that your parrot will feel safe in his environment, while still getting the attention he needs.
Parrots need a lot of attention. They are highly social animals in the wild that live in large flocks, sometimes with hundreds of other birds. They are also very intelligent, and need a lot of mental stimulation. In the wild, they get this from talking to each other, and mimicking the sounds that they hear around them. In your home, if they don't get that mental stimulation they need, they will get bored, and most of the time, a bored parrot is a destructive one.
You will also need to be aware of how a parrot will affect your neighbors and guests. Some parrots are very loud, and may disrupt the peace for nearby neighbors. Parrots can also be very jealous of their owner's attention, and have been known to attack guests in the house. It is important to be prepared to train your parrot against such behaviors so that he can be enjoyed by everyone who comes to visit.
There are many types of parrots. Some are smaller and quieter, which may suit your lifestyle better than one of the popular large parrots. Whatever you choose when choosing parrots as pets, be sure that it is the right choice for your family, and for the parrot.
Alan is a lover of animals and nature. He writes on all types of alternative farming topics, as well as nature articles including those on the different parrot species and which ones are the most suitable parrots as pets.

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