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paper tiger

Taming the Paper Tiger at Work - A Book Summary

The Big Idea
Getting organized is not an easy task. Everyday, you
are forced to deal with mountains of paper that contain
both crucial information and useless garbage. This
scenario is common to anyone who dares thrive in the workplace.

Without realizing it, you may have bred your very own
paper tiger. Although paper can serve a great purpose,
a huge amount of it can literally wreak havoc and harm productivity.
Barbara Hemphill, a well-known professional organizer,
shares her expertise on how to effectively manage your
files, take control of your time and produce effective results.
Getting Centered
Organize Your Thoughts
It is tempting to put off organizing things for another
day. Unfortunately, constant procrastination often
results in you realizing that your files have become unmanageable causing you to mismanage appointments
and other work commitments.
"I don't have the time" is the most common alibi used
to explain lack of organization. What you may not
realize, however, is that a lot of time is wasted
when you try to search for missing documents.
Remember that organization is a tool that will help
you be more effective in the work you do. By being organized, you are giving yourself the opportunity to
come up with the right materials at exactly the right
time they are needed.
Let FAT Work for You
You have to stop thinking that you don't have time to organize. Remember that the process of organization
only becomes more difficult in time because clutter accumulate. A task that may take you only an hour to
do may take you weeks if you let everything pile up.
To make organization easier for you, use the FAT system:
1. File it.
2. Act on it, or
3. Toss it.
Whenever you receive information, ask yourself if it
requires any action. If it required action, file the document and include it in your files that need urgent action. Otherwise, toss it in the wastebasket.
After an action has been done, ask yourself if the file
will be important for future reference. If so, file it
in your cabinet. Otherwise, toss it.
Getting Started
The Mechanics of Filing Paper
The simple task of filing paper involves mechanics..
One of them involves the use of filing cabinets.
Although everyone knows that filing cabinets exist,
few have tried using them. Even fewer use them
Once you start filing, labeling your files is crucial.
A filing cabinet can store tons of information and it
would be too much trouble to rummage through all
that paper just to get a single page of information.
An effective way of labeling your files is by using color-coded folders. You may also write along the
sides of folders to ensure that you are aware of what
the folder contains at a single glance.
Set Up Your File System
Pulling at every drawer of your cabinet and rifling
through each folder to find the information you need
is a tedious task. One way to resolve this is to
devise your very own file system.
Create a file system similar to catalogues used in
libraries. Remember that your system doesn't need
to be a sophisticated one. You can even use index
Label each cabinet and each folder.. On the index
cards, write the labels and what type of information
they contain. Put together things according to their
use and not according to their source.
Manage Your Contact Information
Files are not the only things you organize. You also
have to manage the people you work with.
Remember that not all the files you need to complete
a project will be available in your filing cabinet. Sometimes, you will be forced to ask for help from
other people. Officemates and business partners are
just some examples of individuals that can supply
you information necessary to complete a task.
Nowadays, you can choose from a variety of
technological equipment that can assist you in
managing contact information. You can use laptop
computers, personal digital assistants, or a simple
telephone book.
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