Friday, January 13, 2012

bengal tiger facts

Wildlife and the Bengal Tiger

One of the most majestic cats on the planet is the Bengal Tiger, and those populations that live nearby these cats, take them very seriously, as one swipe of its strong paw, can nearly cut a man open. Of course, if a Bengal Tiger is after you, it will not stop with one swipe, basically, you become lunch, or a quick snack as they often joke. But, all humor aside, the locals will smile and tell tall tales, but very few humans that have ever been attacked by Bengal Tigers have survived to tell about it.

The Siberian Tiger is only slightly taller at the shoulder than the agile and ferocious Bengal Tiger. To see either of these wild animals up close sends shivers down your spine. They are magnificent creatures and to call them cats, does not do them justice, as they are wild and instinctual, they see something they want and they go get it at light speed. They may look like larger versions of the domestic house cat, but it is silly to put them in the same boat.
Many of these tigers weigh a good 500 pounds or more, but that does not slow them down one bit. Occasionally, they will eat smaller animals like rabbits and monkeys, but those are just snacks, much like a human might be. They prefer larger animals like Buffalo, Wild Boars and Deer, and will often eat fish, as they like sushi too, just like you. They have been known to eat baby elephants and baby rinos too. If one spots you and you run, the tiger will give chase and have been clocked at speeds in excess of 50 miles per hour. Unfortunately, even with these superior hunting skills the Bengal Tigers are nearly extinct.
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