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parrot breeders

Parrot Breeders: From Beginner To Expert

Parrot breeders are the sergeant parents of the parrots that are born. Therefore they play the most important role in how the parrots lives that they raise. As with any other animal, the way the parrot is brought up from the beginning will affect the outcome of adulthood.

If you are searching to find a parrot breeder, always make sure that the one you choose has an excellent reputation. The best places to find good parrots are normally from pet stores or rescue groups, however purchasing from a breeder means that you can find out where the bird originated and all its history up to the point it is at in life.
Different parrot breeders often have different methods for breeding. One of the largest responsibilities you can have as a breeder is how you feed your parrots. One parrot may have a different response to a certain type of food than another parrot. The breeders need to always make sure the food that they are providing is very safe and nutritious.
Weaning the baby parrots is another responsibility that breeders have. Baby parrots need soft food, pellets, seeds, and the freshest produce.
Most people who buy parrots tend to have their wings clipped, however what they don't realize is that babies need to be able to learn how to fly before the owners get their wings clipped. It is in the bird's nature to want to be able to fly and without this ability they will not thrive as they would in the wild. Before clipping their wings, the owner should always allow them some time to at least learn how to fly.
Not only should the babies be able to fly, they should also be able to fly accurately and make a landing after flight. Parrots are often much more sociable and healthy if the breeder takes great care of it from when it's born until the time it is sold. Buyers should always ask the breeder how they socialize with the parrots that they sell.
Another important thing you must find out about your breeder is if they truly care about the birds that they are selling, or if they are just in this to make some money. Most of the time they are very caring and very responsible, but there are always a few who are not as truthful as they seem.
Make sure that you realize aspects such as the fact that it is usually illegal to ship birds through certain companies and in different ways. Also, make sure you bathe your baby parrot when it becomes partially feathered. Usually that happens at an early age.
Always ask your breeder many questions to make sure that they really are knowledgeable about the parrots they are selling and that they really do care about the birds. You must have a contract for this business transaction. Also, check out your breeder's aviaries to make sure the birds have had plenty of time to fly around and be free as they would in the wild. A good breeder will offer support even after they have sold the parrot to a buyer.
Parrots are a massive commitment but in the end it will be way worth it to have this new addition to your family. A healthy parrot can live up to 100 years old. Just make sure you take the time to find a good breeder or pet store owner, although breeders often are more knowledgeable and you will probably have a better understanding of all the qualities in the parrot that you are purchasing.
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