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Great Ideas For Picking Parrot Names

There is really no point in looking for a book that will give you several suggestions for parrot names. Finding a name for your pet is actually one of the most exciting parts in owning a parrot. But it would be a good idea to find a name for your beloved bird a few weeks after you have brought it home so that you can find a moniker that will fit the personality of your pet. Like a human child, each parrot has its own unique characteristics and attitude towards people, food, and training. It would be so much fun to find a name that will be a perfect fit for your bird.

Many people choose parrot names based on the personality trait of the bird. If you think your pet is robust and healthy, you can call him names that connote strong or mighty qualities. If your parrot is female, you can use adjectives that will best describe your bird. Pretty, tiny, rouge or pink are some of the words that you can use to call your female parrot. It would be best to stick to monosyllabic names so that your parrot can easily mimic and learn its name. Some other nouns or adjectives you can name your pet include grace, joy, lovely, chirp, beauty, and champ.
Using the names of popular celebrities and well-known individuals can also be good parrot names. If you love pirates, you might want to call your bird Capt. Jack or simply Jack. If your companion parrot is really talkative, you may want to name it after great talk show hosts such as Jay Leno, David Letterman, Oprah and even Chelsea. You can even use the names of your favorite movie stars or artists. Paris, Liz, Lindsay and Britney are good names for female parrots that you think are glitzy and glamorous, while Scarlett, Selma or Pamela are ideal for female parrots that have prominent breasts. Hunky male parrots may also be named after Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom or even Zac Effron.
Some people also use the names of their favorite cartoon characters such as Mickey, Donald, Daisy and Sponge Bob to call their pets. There are actually no rules in choosing parrot names for your pet. In fact, naming a pet is a personal preference. You can get inspiration from almost anything under the sun. You can use your local surroundings or even the colors of the rainbow to help you out.
Gideon Williams is a parrot care expert.

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