Wednesday, January 25, 2012

parrot training

Parrot Training And Care For A Happy Healthy Bird

For me, the best pet you can have is a parrot It was as a child that I started liking them. My aunty had a very talkative, amusing parrot. For several years, I was married however l have been lonly since my husband died. The other day, I was looking at countless old photographs and there was one of me as a girl and I was with my aunties parrot. It brought back positive memories, so I decided to purchase one.

Looking back, I was stupid as I had not even learned how to care for a parrot. However I remember my aunt telling me that they just needed maintenance, attention, love and patience. Still patience was not my strong point. Thought I would go to the library to read up on parrots before visiting the pet shop. I knew a parrot would make a delightful pet if cared for properly. If any pet of mine was not happy because of negligence, I would not be able to forgive myself.
There were countless good books in the library but one caught my eye. The book suggested buying a large enough cage so the parrot could move around comfortably and spread both of its wings. On the bottom of the cage, must be paper and this should be cleaned every day to get rid of old food and bird droppings. I would also need to buy many other things such as toys, food bowls and a large perch.
The book also suggested that if the parrot liked water to let it play around in water. Its nails would need to be clipped when they became too long. Concerning food, the bird needed a balanced diet containing fruits, vegetables, meats and grains. Its water would have to be changed every day.
I never realised keeping a pet parrot would be so much work. This did not put me off though and I was looking forward to the suggestion that I talk to the parrot every day so that it will in due course talk back. For a bird, social interaction is important and this was great as I was desperate for some company.
The next day I hurried to the pet shop. Spoke to the chap behind the counter, to my delight he had just what I was looking for, a delightful green and yellow Macaw. The man also knew a lot about looking after parrots such as not to use chemicals when cleaning their cage. Bought the cage, the accessories and of course the bird itself, all for a terrific price.
My new parrot is now called Dolly. She seemed to bond with me straight away. She is my new best friend and she goes everywhere with me in the house. All the time, I am on the internet reading ideas and guidance about parrot care and training. Interesting articles on training them, keeping them occupied, teaching them to talk, were all available for me to read, very useful. I must say specialiser websites on parrots are absolutely great, even for oldies like me. Dolly has bought joy and laughter back to my house. In my opinion, one of the most outstanding pets to have is a parrot.
Parrot Care is easy when you know how and as pets, parrots can being so much joy and fun to your life. Take a look here for a full set of E-books on how to learn all about parrot care and parrot training.

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