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Types Or Species of Parrots

There are more than 350 types of parrots. Finding the right one for you and your family can be a bit of a daunting exercise. One must consider cost, maintenance, available space, noise level, food requirements, mess, level of socialization, and owners expectations as to the capabilities as well as the interaction with the bird.

Parrots are among the brightest and most beautiful of all the birds in the world. Because of the large number of different types, they are also among the most diverse among the species. They can range from tiny little cuddly birds that can be held in the palm of one's hand to quite large birds almost a foot and a half in length.\par
Parakeets are part of a fairly large group of small parrots that are among the smallest of all parrots. They have a wide range and combination of colors that would include yellow, green, violet, blue, and white. While these birds can be found almost anywhere in the world today, their origins are from Southeast Asia.
Cockatiels are generally gray in color but there are many color variations among them as well. The mature male may have a yellow head and black feathers. They tend to make good pets and are of a size that is easily manageable. As with all parrots, they are quite bright and readily trainable.
Parrotlets as also small parrots that are very easily trained. They make quite good companions. They tend to have very pleasant personalities with lots of energy. They usually grow to be about 6 inches long. Their colors are similar to the parakeets with bright markings and vivid colors.
Conures are parrots that originated in Central and South America. They are very friendly birds that get along well with people and other parrots. Their colors are quite vivid and they are usually very beautiful birds. They make great pets because of their intelligence and social skills. They love to play and interact with others. The biggest problem with the Conure is the fact that they can be quite loud and noisy.
Lorries & Lovebirds are among the most romantic of all the parrots. When paired they will constantly groom and attend to each other. As with most of the parrot family, they can come in a wide variety of colors. Most often they are caged as pairs which is usually easy as they are small birds generally less than 6 inches long. It's very romantic to watch them sleep all cuddled up.
Macaws are parrots that come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. They are tropical birds that range in size from a pigeon to more than 36 inches long. They have large hard and sharp beaks that they use as both something to break up food but also to act as a hand to hold things. A fun nickname for them is "winged rainbow".
Amazon parrots are generally green parrots with very vivid accents. They are among the larger of the parrot species and therefore need more space, food, and attention. Their diet needs to be very healthy (as with all parrots) almost as if one were feeding a small child.
Make sure they eat their veggies.
Cockatoos are the most easily identified parrots. They can raise and lower a beautiful crest of very colorful feathers. Quite a sight. Many people believe that they are among the most beautiful of all parrots. Like all parrots, they are very bright and fun to own.
Caiques are the newest entry into the world of "parrots as pets". They are very brightly colored, playful, intelligent, outgoing, curious, and great talkers. As a result, they are quickly becoming a popular choice for people selecting a parrot as a pet.
Finding the right parrot for you and your home is not a task that most people take lightly, but with research and time finding the right parrot for you and your family will provide many years of fun and enjoyment as well as wonderful companionship.
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