Wednesday, January 25, 2012

green parrot

Perfect Parrot

The Perfect Parrot Pet...hmmm...does it really exist? Obviously, one person's definition of "perfect" will vary greatly from another. my opinion, the green parrot is pretty high on the list. Among the rather large number of beautiful exotic birds that one can choose from, it's hard to find one that is as beautiful and intelligent as the green parrot.

I've spoken with many people who believed that the green parrot is a species within itself. The fact is that green is a primary color not a species. In the world of parrots that have green as their primary color my personal favorite is the Amazon Parrot.
They are among the largest of the parrots growing to be about a foot long on average. My personal preferences tend to go toward the larger birds, but of course, everyone has their own individual preferences. But, there is no denying that the Amazon Parrot is amongst the brightest of all of the Parrots. I've been told that they are of equal intelligence to a monkey or young child.
Another factor that endears them to me is the fact that they are loyal to their owners and quite affectionate. The only exception to this attribute is during the mating season. Then they seem to devote more attention to the opposite sex than to their owners.
The commitment to adopt an Amazon parrot is a very long term and intense commitment. Just like a small child, they require lots of attention. But unlike a small child, they don't outgrow it. A parrot that is neglected and bored will soon find some interesting ways to get your attention. may not be happy with all of those attention-getting activities.
A stimulating environment that will allow the parrot the opportunity to amuse itself is very important. They came from a jungle filled with trees and beautifully colored distractions. The thoughtful owner will provide an environment that is reminiscent of their origins. Wooden branches to chew on and colorful toys to play with will do a great deal to keep the bird satisfied and healthy.
Having a beautiful parrot in one's home can create an atmosphere that reminds us of a tropical hotel. Romantic, colorful, peaceful and exciting all at the same time.
I think that the person looking for the perfect parrot could be very happy with choosing the Amazon parrot for a life long companion.
Bob Cotto is a parrot expert. For more information on finding your perfect parrot [], visit [].

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