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tiger facts

Tigers and Their Amazing Facts

Tigers also known as Panthera tigris largest of the four big cats. They are natives of Eastern and Southern Asia. Their name comes from Greek word tigris, meaning 'arrow' in reference to the animals speed and also the origin for the name of the Tigris river. Their height is around 3.3 metres or 11 ft and weigh up to 300 kilograms. They are mostly recognized by pattern of dark vertical stripes that lies on top of reddish-orange fur with lighter under parts. The most numerous tiger subspecies is the Bengal tiger while the largest subspecies is the Siberian tiger.

Tigers' habitat must include sufficient forest cover, water and abundant supply of preys. They like water unlike other cats which tend to avoid it. They spend sometimes in pools to cool off their bodies when there is extreme heat. They are very excellent swimmers and can swim up to four miles and even drag dead preys across lakes. They have powerfully built legs and shoulders which quantifies their ability to drag or swim across lakes with preys. Another of their distinctive feature is that they are the heaviest of all wild cats.
Tigers mostly feed on wild boars, chital, water and domestic buffalo. Sometimes they prey on fellow cats like leopards and other animals like crocodiles, pythons, young elephants and rhinos. However tigers are very solitary animals. Just like other big cats, tigers have a white spot on the backs of their ears. These spots, called ocelli, serve a social function, by communicating the animal's mental state to conspecifics in the gloom of dense forest or in tall grass.
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