Tuesday, January 10, 2012

paper tiger

The Humanists' Paper Tiger

The humanist (a.k.a. Socialist, Communist, Liberal, Free Thinker, Naturalist) has a paper tiger he is doing everything in his power to make sure no one detects its true identity. He knows that if you ever knew the truth about this paper tiger, his argument against God would "go up in flames." The paper tiger I am talking about is the doctrine or religious faith he bases all his "no god" philosophy on. That paper tiger is the theory of naturalistic evolution.

Did you ever ask why the humanist is working so hard to make sure Biblical Creation is not placed alongside of evolution? How about his arrogant attitude that ridicules any other possible explanation for origins? Why does he fight so hard to stop any other answer to origins except his, when it comes to there possibly being a more realistic explanation for how we got started on this earth? Why is it that when he is put on the spot to come up with logical answers for his faith, he has none? Could it be that he knows something he does not want us to know? You do not have to think very hard to answer these questions, and many more like them.
He most likely knows evolution is a paper tiger. He does not want you to know the truth about it. You may think that I do not know what I am talking about. You may say, "Evolution is a proven fact and is the only explanation for origins that is scientific. Let me tell you, evolution is not scientific. Evolution is an atheistic religion. The truth of the matter is, you need much more faith to believe life came out of non-life than to believe a Super Intelligent Being created everything out of nothing. All of the laws of science prove naturalistic evolution is impossible. Evolution has not been demonstrated in a laboratory, nor can it be.
When Darwin wrote his "Origin of the Species" there was much that we did not know about the complexity of life that we have long since discovered. Furthermore, some of the best arguments against evolution are found in Darwin's "Origin of the Species." The questions Darwin expressed in his book have never been answered. The paper tiger is still a decaying lifeless faith based on fables rather than facts.
Because of the nature of origins, it is impossible to place it in a scientific framework. The only One Who knows how we got here is the One Who put us here. We either got here by natural or supernatural means. No amount of trickery can make evolution a scientific fact. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either fooled or a liar.
I am convinced there are some humanists who know exactly that evolution is nothing more than a paper tiger. Why else would they be protecting it so violently? Now be honest! Why would these humanists not want Special Creation and evolution taught together in our educational institutions? Could it be, they are worshiping this paper tiger because they are unwilling to worship the real Creator God of the universe? Could it be, they are hiding in this paper tiger so they do not have to admit they are responsible to live the way the Creator-Redeemer God commands them in the Holy Bible.
A word to the wise. Listen to a man of God who has walked with God for over half a century. Just trying to make God go away will not excuse you. God is not merely the Creator He is the Sovereign of the universe. He is not going away. He has the final word. What He says will stand forever. Do not think for a moment you will just die and go back to the dust without having to stand before this Eternal Being you have rejected from ruling over you. Every knee is going to bow before Jesus some day. It could be sooner than you think. If I were you, I would not take this thing lightly. Take another look at your paper tiger under the search light of Genesis 1!
If you are tired of holding on to the tale of this paper tiger, Howard Eugene Wright's book, "Deceitful Masters: The Truth About the Scientific Nature of God's Creations the 'Ruling Elite' Does Not Want You to Know" is a good alternative.
You may see a preview of his book at http://www.deceitfulmasters.com. His website has links to Amazon where you can buy one for yourself and a friend.

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