Friday, January 27, 2012

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Parrot Sounds a La Einstein

Perhaps you know that parrot sounds can even imitate the human voice. But did you know that a parrot named Einstein, one of Animal Planet's stars, could "speak" at least 1000 English words? Listening to and interacting with parrots is one of the things that make them such charming pets. Einstein could make sentences, relate sounds to objects and could even answer simple questions. He was so good that his trainers even believed he could actually carry on a conversation.

Stephanie White, his main trainer, no doubt spent hours teaching Einstein, the super-intelligent bird. He was so good he could boogie, given the right beat, and believe it or not, he could yawn at appropriate times. But, you probably know that even the tiniest parakeet can imitate the human voice, too. Not to mention other kinds of sounds, like the hum of appliances, televisions, dripping water, and even a train toot or whistle. Einstein, in fact, could imitate space ship noises, including laser sounds. He knew the difference between "oink-oink," the words for the noise a pig makes and the actual snorting of a pig.
There is always a great danger from the public becoming too charmed with animals like Einstein, though. Not every parrot, not even the smartest, the African Gray, can do what he did, so wanting a parrot just like Einstein can lead to great disappointment. Unfortunately, this often leads to neglect of the poor parrot when the owner doesn't get what he was expecting.
Having a pet parrot is like caring for a three-year old child. They need special diets and an unsuspecting new pet owner, who might not have done the homework necessary for raising this exotic pet, could easily poison the bird by giving it chocolate, coffee, or even innocent-looking apple seeds, which all contain cyanide. Yes, among a parrot's favorite foods is a wide range of fruits and vegetables, but every owner should know which particular ones are toxic.
Another danger to parrots is that many, including the African Grey, are on the list of the Convention on CITES endangered species list. Prospective bird owners should try to purchase through legitimate breeders who hand raise their birds with great care. Buyers of birds at pet stores could easily be bluffed, since the information on the background of the birds is not so readily available.
No matter how impressed you are with parrot sounds, make sure you have reasonable expectations and know what you are getting.
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