Saturday, January 14, 2012

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Mizzou Tiger Gift Ideas For 4 Missouri Lover Psyches

For fans and alumni who are Tiger fans, finding the perfect gift can be a daunting task. Matching up a fan's special interests to their favorite sports-related items can make the perfect gift. An ordinary item becomes special when it has the University of Missouri logo on it!

For the Golfer-
Golfers have a handful of special needs - and nearly every one of these can be found with the Missouri logo on it! When it comes to golfing attire, the ubiquitous polo shirt can be had in a variety of styles, including pique, stripes, birdseye, and the high-tech dry fit, which is made with a special fabric designed to keep the body cooler.
Golfing equipment is of primary concern for those heading to the links. Whether it is a new putter, wedge, wood, or driver, a variety of Calloway equipment with the special Mizzou logo built right in can make an ideal present. If your golfer is already married to his special clubs, a special series of C-Thru golf grips can jazz up the shafts.
In addition to shirts and clubs, other great additions to the Mizzou golfer's list include golf bags, divot kits, head and putter covers, golf balls, and towels.
For the Backyard Lover-
For homebodies who enjoy spending time relaxing in their own backyard, there is no reason why that special area cannot be festooned with Mizzou fun as well! Whether it is a Mizzou market umbrella, perfect for patio tables, or an outdoor thermometer, summer fun is here.
Gear up early for Tailgating-
Fall, Football, and Tailgating. They go hand in hand, and there is a variety of gift ideas out there for the most serious fan. No tailgating setup is complete without a supply of foldable chairs and coolers. Plush throws and stadium seat cushions also up the comfort factor once the parking lot party is over and the competition begins.
Homebody fans rejoice-
Fans who want that special gift that is just a little bit more can look to a variety of classy and elegant gifts with the Mizzou logo. Stained glass with the logo inset is an interesting look. Stained glass gifts are available in clocks, windows, and of course, lamps. Personalized gifts are even more special, and door knockers and welcome plaques can be customized with the true fan's name. For a last touch of whimsy, add a Mizzou scoreboard alarm or wall clock!
Creative Ideas-
If you are looking for a creative and extra special gift, experiment with personalized gifts put together especially for the fan. Try tickets to a road game, complete with hotel package. Or frame a picture of the family or the fan in his game day regalia! Many football teams will make available a 'best of' video or DVD of the season highlights, so you can relive the glory of the season. Download a Mizzou themed desktop program to his computer, so the Tigers wallpaper, icons, and fight songs can be enjoyed at the office and home!
Tom Kennerk of Alma Mater Pro Shop runs a Duncanville-Texas based pro shop featuring licensed Crimson Tide colors and logo clothing, collegiate golf clubs & accessories with UA branded golf gifts. For more information on Mizzou gifts, check out

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