Saturday, January 21, 2012

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Quaker Parrots Love Baths

Yes, and your quaker parrot should take baths regularly to stay clean and healthy. Without regular baths, a quaker parrot can build up oil and dust that even a quaker's vigorous preening can't remove which can lead to illness.

Ideally, you should select a location for your quaker parrot's bath that is ok to get wet, like the kitchen table. Allow up to a 6 foot area for splash, and place a towel down to catch most of the water. Fill a wide dish (I use a baking dish) ideally 1-2 inches high. It shouldn't be over that or it will be too deep for the bird, any lower and it won't be enough water.
Once the bath is set up, let your quaker parrot check it out. If he is not used to taking baths, it may take a few minutes for him to figure out what this new thing is all about. Just give him time and don't make him feel pushed. If he is looking interested in the water, dip your hand in it to show it is ok. Eventually he will realize what its all about and will start enjoying the water. Always use fresh clean water for baths, just like for the drinking water.
A number of 'bird bath' products are available to help contain splashing, but I don't recommend them since they restrict the area and may discourage bathing. Also the amount of splashing will vary depending on the bird. Some splash a little, others cover entire square feet and the weatherman comes to do a live report on location.
(Of course there is always the exception. Try it and see if your quaker likes taking baths or not.)
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