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parrot tricks

Teach These 2 Easy Tricks to Your Parrot

It is a fact that parrots are one of the most intelligent creatures around. According to research, it is very clear that a parrot's intellect functions at a human 2 year old's level. You will find them to be quick learners and you can teach them a lot of things. Teaching your parrot tricks is not one-sided amusement, both the teacher and the parrot enjoy the process. Parrots love the attention you give them during training and they will certainly entertain you with their playful personalities.

The teaching sessions should not be so long that your parrot becomes tired. If you do exhaust your parrot, it will have a negative impact on your bird and she may not enjoy your future training. A quiet place or room is the best option to teach a parrot. It should also be kept in mind that your parrot needs to be comfortable with the environment in which you are teaching and there also has to be enough light. Be patient while teaching your parrot, if you are not, she may become stressed, which again is not a positive experience for her.
"Step up" is one easy trick to teach to your feathered friend. This trick is useful because after they learn it you can use it to tell them where to go. When your parrot has learned the trick, you just need to place your finger near her feet and say "step up" in a very calm voice and your parrot will step onto your finger. If you have a bigger bird you may prefer to teach her to climb on your forearm instead of your finger. To teach them, put your finger on the ground in front of their feet and keep calmly saying "step up". When she makes a move towards your finger give her a reward (her favorite food usually works well). Keep repeating this process until she climbs onto your finger or forearm.
Another favorite trick of parrot owners is the "turn around". This is also an easy trick to teach. Food should be used as reward in this case too. You can teach this trick to your parrot when she is on her perch. Offer her a little food and when she reaches to get the food just move the food around to her back. By doing so, this will make the bird turn around on the perch. Throughout the whole exercise, in a calm voice, keep repeating, "turn around". Continue doing this again and again until your parrot learns to do a full turn. Once she has completed a full turn, give her a little food as a reward. Eventually, you will be able to say "turn around" and then your parrot will simply turn around. Some parrots are able to do this on their first try but some of them require a little practice, so again, be patient.
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