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quaker parrot

The Telling Features of the Quaker Parrot

Have you ever had much to do with a Quaker parrot? They are an engaging parrot and love being around lots of people. Traditionally Quaker parrots are bright green on top with a white to grey face and chest feathers. They are about mid-range in size, growing in length to about 12 inches.

A Great Talking Bird.
The Quaker parrot may be the answer for you if you are looking for a talking bird. It learns quite easily and the parrot does bond well with its owner. In fact he loves to be involved with people on a regular basis. When teaching a parrot to talk it is best if the teaching is done by just one member of the family but I am sure you will find the bird making sounds or words that other members of the family use as well.
Family Parrot.
One feature of the Quaker parrot is that it is gentle and very affectionate which makes it a wonderful pet for a younger member of the family. This is not true of some of the larger parrots like macaws and cockatoos that can be quite aggressive when upset.
Colors of the Quaker Parrot.
As mentioned they tend to be known as the green and white parrot, but over the years there has been a lot of breeding in captivity so more color combinations are appearing and with different shadings so you could be forgiven for being confused about their colorings.
Play Toys.
The Quaker parrot is an active parrot and when there are no family members around he will like to keep amused with toys. Something like a climbing gym with bells and mirrors will keep him happy for hours. There are lots of toys on the market, but just make sure they are safe before giving them to the bird.
Keeping a Quaker parrot.
You can see why these parrots would be so popular as a family pet and there is one other feature that also makes them so sought after. They can adapt very well to different climatic conditions which is a bonus as most parrots only like the warmer weather. This is a very big plus for a pet parrot, but unfortunately it does come with its drawbacks.
In some states in the US it is actually illegal to keep the Quaker parrot as a pet. Due to the fact that it can adapt so well, feral Quaker parrots have caused major problems in the agricultural industry and some states have ruled them illegal. In fact, if this parrot is found in these states, it will be euthanized. So if you are considering having one of these parrots as a pet, do check out the local laws before purchasing. The problem does tend to exist more in the southern states.
Interestingly enough the Quaker parrot is also known by other names because of its color. You may have heard him called the 'Green' parrot or the 'Monk' parrot.
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