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parrot information

Parrot Information

Parrots are not the type of pet you want to buy on an impulse. There are a number of reasons why you should consider this advise. The one that is first and foremost is that they are not an inexpensive purchase. I have see some breeds that are upwards of $2.500 and very few breeders offer a money back guarantee. So it's important that you make the decision to purchase a parrot based on a thorough knowledge of what ownership of these magnificent birds entails.

Besides being a "pricy" purchase, parrot ownership is a long term commitment. The smaller breeds have the shortest lives at around 20-30 years and the big guys can live for 50-75 years. Not your average dog or cat lifespan. You would not want to make that purchase if you are 60 unless you have made arrangements for the care of the parrot after you pass on. Sounds a little morbid but the responsible parrot owner will consider this fact when they own a beautiful bird.
These are very social beings. In the wild most parrots are flock birds and this is why they are so social among their human flock. They crave attention. They demand attention. And if they don't get the attention they want they can be quite annoying. If you are willing to give them the attention they deserve you should be quite satisfied with the companionship that they will give you.
Parrots require a fair amount of upkeep. Cages become soiled and have to be cleaned. Water bowls have to be kept full and fresh. Food has to be provided on a regular basis if you want your bird to maintain good health.
Parrots can't teach themselves good manners, an extensive vocabulary or even some simple tricks. That's your job as a good parrot owner. If you are willing to spend some time with your new friend you will be rewarded with great companionship and a natural stress reliever. Yes, stress relief is on of the many benefits of parrot ownership.
In the beginning of this article I alluded to the upfront cost of parrot ownership. If you want Long John Silvers bird be prepared to fork over some substantial bucks. A Macaw Parrot can go for $2,000 but it should live for 50-60 years and if you do the math it works out to about $33.00 per year. Not a bad investment. If you do the same math for a dog it works out to about $150.00 per year.
As far as pets go a parrot is a real companion. What I mean by that is if you compare it to a tropical fish there is really no comparison. When you get home each night the parrot will welcome you, amuse you and entertain you. By nature parrots are clowns and they will keep you laughing. That's companionship!
Be sure to go to Google and do your homework. Go to blogs and forums and ask questions about parrot ownership. This is an ideal way to get feedback prior to making a major, lifetime purchase like a parrot.
About the Author: Michael Joseph is a parrot enthusiast. He enjoys sharing Parrot care tips. Check out his videos at: Learn About Parrots []. Michael Joseph is the author of the Learn About Parrots system consisting of 2 eBooks: Raising Polly-Everything you need to know about raising a healthy, happy and well adjusted Parrot and Training Your Parrot-12 simple tricks your parrot can learn. For more information about Parrot Care and to get your FREE 10-part mini eCourse on how to care for your parrot, please visit

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