Tuesday, January 3, 2012

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How To Print Your Cat Photos On T-Shirts

So your cat is just the cutest and the smartest thing on the block right? We all think our cat should be on the Funniest Animal Videos show. But alas... not everyone's cat can be on television. But maybe you've got some great photographs of your feline friend doing his or her kitty thing and you'd like to put them on a t-shirt so everyone else can appreciate how cute your cat is. A few years ago your options would have been pretty limited. You could take your photos to your local silk screening company, where after set up fees, screen charges, and minimum print requirements, you might end up spending a couple of hundred dollars and have a box full of a few dozen shirts with your cat's picture on them. Sure...you could give one to each of your friends as gifts, but do they all think your cat is as cute as you do?

Another option would be to go the iron-on route. This involved uploading your picture to your computer, printing it out on special t-shirt heat transfer paper, and then ironing it onto a shirt. The results left much to be desired. Starting with several attempts to get the photo to print correctly on the special paper, remembering to print it in reverse so when you ironed it on, it would come out right. Then several tries at getting the pressure and temperature right in the ironing process, usually ruining a couple of shirts in the process. Only to discover that the first time you wash your shirt, the beautiful photo of your kitty has faded, cracked and started to peel!
Well thanks to digital printing technology there is a better way. Print On Demand companies, or "PODs" like Cafepress offer the ability to easily and inexpensively print your photos on t-shirts.
So how do you get your picture onto a t-shirt using Print-On-Demand?
  1. Open a free account at a POD.
  2. Start with a high resolution (200 dpi or more) photo, drawing or cartoon and size it accordingly for the item you will have it printed on. Most PODs will offer easy sizing templates to use so your image will fit just right on whatever item you choose.
  3. Upload your image to your account. You will be given a Media Basket area to store your photos.
  4. Pick which items your want your photo on. You will be offered choices of apparel size, color, printing on front or back etc.
  5. Place your order, and voila! your beautiful creation will arrive at your door in about a week. No fuss, no muss.
What about quality? POD technology has come a long way. T-shirts are placed directly into a special printer which, using permanent fabric ink, prints your image directly onto your shirt. Shirts can be washed, dried and ironed along with all your other clothes and will last as long as the cloth they're printed on. So dig out those photos of your favorite feline friend and get going. Because we all know that no cat is as cute as yours!
Kimberly Lunning is an artist, photographer, and owner/creator of Tuff Kitty Designs. If you love cats and the funny things they do, please visit our online gift store. Tuff Kitty Designs: Funny and irreverent gifts & t-shirts for cat lovers. http://www.tuffkitty.com

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