Saturday, December 10, 2011


Horses, the galloping pride of mankind! These lovely mammals have come to serve and love us well, and if you are new to horses, learning all about horse health should be a top priority.

Horses are delicate creatures, despite their size; they require a lot of care and knowhow - that's why not just anybody can own one. There are several tips to keeping your horse healthy and beautiful, and preparing him for a nice showing:
1. Sustenance:
Be sure to provide your horse with constant supplies of food. Commercially purchased or natural, horses need to eat in order to stay healthy. Be sure to also provide lots of water to keep them hydrated and keep their manes glowing beautifully for your showing.
2. Exercise:
If you sat around all day in your "home" what would happen to you? That's right; horses can get fat and lose muscle if not worked out enough. They require a lot of outdoor activity and work. Don't leave hm around the barn all day, get him outside, run, play and ride.
3. Attention:
Horses are incredibly intelligent, loving creatures. Just as much as you enjoy attention, horses love it too. If you give him that little bit of extra attention, it will go a long way in helping you and your horse achieve a great relationship and increase showing stamina.
4. Joint supplements:
Be sure to provide a horse with joint supplements and healthy meals to stimulate growth and endurance. Horses that work hard, such as show horses, older and highly active animals truly need to have some extra care given to their joints. A prime example of a joint supplement would be, Cosequin ASU, a product sold commercially via many sites and stores.
5. Grooming:
A horse's thick mane and fine hairs need to be kept in touch. Buying a brush and giving a daily grooming session can work wonders, simply brush away your horse's gnarls and twists. Be careful not to pull too hard and pull out the hairs though! Also, keep in mind that he loves this - it feels like a massage. Spending time with your horse grooming, talking and playing gives him the attention and care he needs.
Now that your horse is beautiful and prepared, bring him out for a daily run and show him off. Following these tips will lead you to success in your horse-owning career. Be sure to consult other owners about optimum horse health, and veterinarians specializing in equine care to get further advice. Owning a horse can be a lot of work, but you don't have to do it all alone!
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