Friday, December 16, 2011


BMW to Test Endurance in 24-Hour Race

The BMW endurance racing team are in Barcelona and preparing for their next dare - the 24 Hores Frigo de Motociclisme at the Circuit Cataluyna in Barcelona.

The 24-hour endurance race will give the team a chance to continue the development of the 1200s bike they raced so successfully in the Le Mans 24 hours earlier this year, though the one at the Circuit Cataluyna is not part of the World Endurance Championship series.
Since then, the bike has improved in terms of weight reduction of some five or six kilos, refined aerodynamics and other small touches. The rear Brembo disc and caliper are now lighter then before, as is the lower triple clamp. A new windscreen and mild revisions to some of the streamlining has given the bike a better shape and appearance through the air.
The team is allowed to use four riders for this race, so they have called up Briton Richard Cooper. He may only be a twenty-four year-old rider but he is an experienced BMW racer and exhibits BMW's commitment to youth. Richard joins the triumvirate who finished top in their class at Le Mans and 16th overall. The triad is composed of Marcus Barth, Thomas Hinterreiter and Rico Penzkofer.
Team Manager Berti Hauser said that this race was in their schedule for the season and it gives them the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned at Le Mans. The race gives their team a nice opportunity to test the ideas from that race and continue their development programme for this bike.
Hauser continued that they learned a lot in Le Mans and they feel that their pit work will now also be better because they have a bit more experience of this category. The team targeted to finish the race at Le Mans, and they did it. And for the upcoming race, the have the same target. He said that he would like a top ten finish at the Circuit Cataluyna, but one can never tell what is going to happen in a whole day race. His team wants to make this a good race for all the BMW fans in Spain and exude that they are a sporty brand.
He also said that they chose Richard for he has experience of this kind of bike plus the fact that he is young. Hauser said they want to show that young riders can have fun in their kind of team and on their kind of bike.
Aside from making BMW manual [], it seems that BMW is ready for another tough challenge.
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