Saturday, December 31, 2011

cat facts

Cat Facts

About 40 million years ago, the ancestors of today's cats were Miacis who lived in a tree. He was a great hunter. Smilodjon was his descendant, who was able to kill large animals because of the size of their teeth. Miacis were quickly spread throughout the world, except Australija. We can say that cat has been always present in the vicinity of man. Sometimes the cat was associated with the gods, sometimes was considered as men helper and sometimes was regarded as the enemy associated with witches and the devil.


Despite of the crossings species and the custom of living with people, the cat has not lost their primal instincts.
Every part of her body developed primarily for hunting:
Sense of balance, length of tail, structure of the pelvis allows her to jump from a height of more than 20 yards on four paws, and remain almost unharmed.
Claws are a means for climbing.
If climbing is enjoyable entertainment, lowering carries some risk. Claws, although very useful for climbing, at the time of landing may be interference.
Before alighting from the trees, cat will carefully evaluate all the possibilities, especially distance from the ground, measuring it with the movement of the head from the top to the bottom. If the cat has no other option but to throw herself, she will try to extend the jump as much as possible in order to achieve the landing as horizontal she can. It makes landing easier.
In cases like that or in the case of vertical drop, flexible spine allows her to rotate the body spiraly and fall straight on the paws.

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