Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Camel race

Camel Racing - Ready, Set, Brilliant

Brace yourself! Camel Racing on real race tracks? Of course, your eyes will pop right out with your mouth hanging after you witness this sporting extravaganza.

You have seen cars, trucks, boats, horses but have you witnessed a great Camel race? Abu Dhabi is where you need to be. These magnificent animals with their jockeys take to the field and strut their stuff for thousands of people gathered at these gala events.
Camel Racing has thus become a tourist attraction craved, this recreational sport lures you to see it, and you will surely not be disappointed by what it has on offer.
Setting aside it being the main tourist gathering, Abu Dhabi is a city coloured with life, culture, religion, beaches, adventure islands and parks but Camel Racing paints the picture and brings your travel expectations to life.
This spectacular event of choice gives you the opportunity to meet these celebrity camels, their jockeys and share a compliment or two.
However, these races only come alive during the winter season, and on the occasional public holidays. A sporting enthusiast with a passion for betting will go all out and cheer his or her favourite camel towards victory.
Camel Racing is not something 'new age' in Abu Dhabi, it's imprinted in their history books and you have the opportunity to not only be a part of its history but to partake in their traditions.
The perfect experience a tourist can ever have is a Camel Race experience and Abu Dhabi hands it to you whole heartedly, so if you are heading out on a visit during the winter days, don't miss out on a race, so tantalizing and blood pumping.
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