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Visiting Kangaroo Island

Here we will list some of the top sights and activities on Kangaroo Island so that you can make the most out of your visit, and at the same time list some of the top reasons to visit the island.

Finders Chase National Park: Here you can get a really great view at the 'Remarkable Rocks' and 'Admirals Arch' which are only two of the incredible rock formations you will see. This makes them perfect for just marvelling at some of the most incredible scenery you're likely ever to see, but also for photography and art where the strange shapes make perfect subjects for copying or for inspiring original pictures. They can also be perfect for 'bouldering' which is the sport of climbing on small rock formations with a crash mat underneath in case you should fall.
In all the national park is 33,000 hectare and has plenty more to offer beside its rocks. Of course there's the wildlife and the kangaroo that give Kangaroo Island its name, but there's also koalas, echidnas and the near-extinct Cape Barren geese; so it's a perfect place to see some of Australia's unique animals. Finally there is the 1909 Cape du Couedic lighthouse. To begin you tour of the National Park, first make your way over to the Finders Chase Visitor Centre.
Kelly Hill Caves: These caves were discovered in 1881 when a horse fell into one of them, and though it was bad news for the horse, it has unveiled a great place for exploration and adventuring. Marvel at the calcite formations and the feel of being surrounded by rock with only a head-torch for illumination.
Seal Bay Conservation Park: This is the third largest colony of Australian Sea Lions in Australia and the easiest to access. Visiting the conservation park you can enjoy seeing them up close as they sleep in the sun or play in the sea.
Kangaroo Island Penguin Centre: If that wasn't enough wildlife for you, try visiting the Kangaroo Island Penguin Centre and you will be taken on a night tour to see the penguins take their procession to their seaside burrows. You will also be shown around the aquariums which are beautiful to look at lit up by night.
Little Sahara: Little Sahara offers a much safer and more enjoyable way to take photos as though you were in the middle of the Sahara desert. Here you will find a range of sand dunes that rise from the bushland at the centre of the island. You can climb on them, get some fantastic photographs, or even take a sand board and try sliding down the sides of the great dunes which is spectacular fun.
Vivonne Bay: Rated the best Australian beach out of 10,000 candidates by Sydney University, Vivonne Bay offers soft sandy beaches and blue-green water for relaxing, surfing, picnics or anything else.
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