Thursday, December 15, 2011

Female dog names

Choosing Female Dog Names

Although there are no specific rules for choosing a name for your dog, it only stands to reason that female dogs should have female dog names. The names for female dogs also tend be sound more feminine and have more sounds of the letter "U" in them. Many people do not realize that by giving your dog a calm and soothing name, it can help to calm its personality. You should take the dog's size and personality into consideration before you do choose a name. This means you should have the dog in your hoe for a few days to see how it acts before you make the final naming decision.

You should put a lot of though into the name you choose for your dog. This is because you will be using it al lot - every time you call the dog and in the early days, this will likely be many times. Therefore it should be a name that you like and one that is easy to say. Since the dog will be considered a member of the family, everyone should have say in making the choice of name. If you have small children that do not talk plainly yet, it is important to choose a short name with few syllables so that these children will learn to say the name properly and easily.
Choosing a name for the dog can be difficult because you want to give the dog a name that expresses her personality and demonstrates that she is a lady. The name you choose says a lot about you as a person and about your creativity. You don't want anyone to make fun of the name because this means they are making fun of you and of your dog. The name gives others a view of how you view the dog. A name such as "Runt" for example, may give others the impression that you don't love your dog.
Search through a list of names for female dogs and make a list of the ones that you like. Then consult with the members of the family to eliminate names that most of them do not like. When you have a few choices remaining, try out the names on the dog. Believe it or not, the dog will react to names and may very well choose her own name in this manner.
One important fact about choosing dog manes is that they should never sound similar to a command. This is true of most one-syllable commands, which means you can eliminate any of those names from your list. While you might want to choose a name that suits the cute cuddly puppy, you have to think about the greed of the dog and realize that she will grow into an adult. Think about how the cute name will sound on a large dog. Another name you should avoid is one that is similar to that of another family member. This will confuse the dog and she won't know if you're calling to her or the other person.
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