Friday, December 16, 2011

Dream horse

How to Care For Your Dream Horse

I remember when I was a little boy; I would fervently pray to get a horse. Yes! I want to have my very own white horse that I can ride all day and night. When you grow old, buying a horse is not a small thing anymore. You need to be responsible enough and knowledgeable enough on how to take care, groom and even feed your horse. Do not worry! We have it all covered, we will give a few tips and tricks on proper horse care. So when you get your very own white horse or whatever breed of horse you plan on getting, you will be prepared!

Horse Care is something that should be enjoyable for both the owner and the horse. You are not just horsing around because proper horse care will do a great deal on your horse's health and it is a way to monitor the growth and progress of your horse. Like humans, it is best to treat grooming as a daily habit; this is to avoid too much dirt and grit on the horse's body.
Here are some useful tips and tricks to make grooming a fun experience for the both of you, read on and apply this on real life!
• First, it is important you buy a brush. A nice horse brush to brush that wondrous mane and tail. You would like to opt for plastic than metal since plastics are more durable than compared to metal which is prone to breakage.
• Next, a grooming mitt is a must for petting your horse; not only you get to pet your horse but also you care for his hair by brushing out those tangles and dirt.
• You need a lot of brushes for your horse but do not fret there are a lot of stores that carry different kinds of brushes, you just need to find the right one! Remember quality versus quantity.
• Another type of brush that you may want to purchase are body brushes it serves as brushes for the main body of the horse.
• Also, you might want to throw in a clean sponge or a dry cloth. The use of the clean sponge and dry cloth is for bathing and cleansing your horse.
• You could keep all your brushes in a bucket or a box for easier storage and handling.
That is about it. Remember to enjoy the experience and make it a bonding moment with your pet horse!
You may even be interested in learning more about horse care.
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