Tuesday, December 27, 2011

cat games

Cat Games to Amuse Your Kitty

Cat games are a great way to spend some quality time with your kitty. Cats love to pretend they are fighting during play. This play fighting is nature's way of teaching a young kitten to take care itself. Play is associated with hunting and they enjoy toys that look like little animals. A hungry cat seems to enjoy play even more. A cat hardly distinguishes between hunting, play, and eating.

Here are some fun cat games to entertain your kitty. Go to a local office supply store and purchase a laser pointer. Put your cat in a dimly lit room and shine the red dot near him. The movement of the red dot will get his attention and he will give chase. Another of the fun cats games is to get an old toilet paper roll and let him bat this around. As he tires of this try adding an object such a small ball inside the paper roll and tape the ends shut. The ball will cause a more lively motion to the paper roll and the fun will begin again.
As you know the sight of feathers excites cats. Anyone who has watched his cat sit in a window and watch the birds knows this. You can easily make one of these feather cat games at home. Simply sew two identical pieces of cloth together. Leave a small opening in one end to accommodate the feathers. Put some cotton and catnip inside to fill the toy. Insert the feathers into the opening and sew it closed. A little glue around the feathers will hold them in. Show him his new toy and give it a toss. You can also tie a string to the toy and pull it along the floor. Let him catch his "birdie" once in while so he does not get bored.
A ping-pong ball is another of the fun games. The ping-pong ball has an energetic bounce that will get his attention. What is even more fun is to play with ball in a small room. Bouncing the ball off the walls will add even more fun.
Do not let your cat play by himself with anything that could harm him. Even a string could be a choking hazard.
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