Thursday, December 29, 2011

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Teaching Your Cat to Say Cheese: How to Take the Best Cat Pictures

There is nothing cuter than a picture of a cat, fur, whiskers, paws and all; there is something irresistibly adorable about a kitty busily playing with a ball of yarn, chasing a butterfly in the meadows or hanging out with a bunch of puppies. Most cat owners would naturally want to take pictures of their lovely pets as a souvenir or simply because they are such interesting photography subjects. It truly shows that you are caring for cats when you have cute pictures of them posted everywhere. Learning a few tips on how to create the best cat pictures will help a cat owner capture their pet's cute cuddly image, their hunting prowess or climbing skill whether they are still or in action. First off, a decent digital camera is highly important; Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras are recommended. Needless to say, the cat's cooperation is the most challenging part; cats see cameras as strange clicking objects so one must make sure first that the cat gets used to him carrying it around.

The best cat pictures owe their greatness to the angle; the next is to make sure that the cat and the photographer is on the same level if a close-up picture is to be taken or position oneself high above the cat if planning to capture snuggling poses. Experimenting with several different angles and deciding on which ones to keep during the editing phase will help enable one to surely end up with an amazing photo. One must also be sure to get enough of the cat in the frame and to not take too much of the dead space. Pre-planning where the cat should be placed, setting the background ahead of time and imagining which angles are to be taken is absolutely necessary; one could make use of a bait such as a toy to lure the cat into the zone. It is also useful to get a hand from a friend who is willing to operate the tease while one concentrates on getting good shots; the person can also help in getting the cat's attention, enabling one to authentically capture priceless gestures such as pricked ears and alert eyes.
The best cat photos often make use of natural light instead of flash; one must either take photos outdoors or in a room which allows a generous entry of daylight. If using the flash is unavoidable, one must utilize the red-eye setting or manipulate angles to avoid laser eyes; a white tissue paper over the flash helps in diffusing the light. One must be creative in manipulating the cat to assume the position that they desire; for example, if one wants the cat to sit over a chair, one could drape a piece of colorful cloth over it to coax the curious kitty. Lastly, one should be strict in deleting bad photos; one must remember, it's not uncommon to take fifty or more shots in order to come up with at least a perfect one. With these basic techniques and the right kitty treats, one can even make their pet look forward to every photography session.
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