Friday, December 9, 2011

Camel song

The campgrounds of the hamlet Pushkar swarm every year in November with thousands of tourists from all over the world visiting the place to witness the fair of the ship of the desert. From just 14,000 people, the crowd swells to a huge 200,000 during the months of the Pushkar camel fair. The advent of the kartik purnima month marks the vibrant colours all over the place. This increases the craze of tourists in the fair even more as such bright colours are generally not found in the western countries. The magnanimity of Rajasthan is thereby unparallel to any other place and is reflected perfectly in these colours.

Camels are dressed in the best attires and accessories that bestow a magical charm to the complete scenario, which attract tourists. As the tourists discover and enjoy the different aspects of desert life, memories are etched inside their hearts with the desire to revisit the Pushkar camel fair again. 

Visiting the holy place of Pushkar at this time offers an exclusive experience to all. What adds more to the enjoyment of the fair is the pleasant weather of the place with the beginning of winters. Around 50,000 camels participate in the fair. They are decorated and sold to visitors. Many also take part in races that are held every year. The rustic element adds charm to the place. Tourists are enthralled by the innocence and generousness of the natives. Locals also indulge in dance and song for the entertainment of the visitors and show the true culture of Rajasthan. 

There are also craftsmen who exhibit innumerable beautiful souvenirs. Visitors purchase these exquisite pieces for their friends and family members as a memorabilia of the Pushkar camel fair. Apart from the fun and the religious factor, the cultural part of Pushkar is also equally interesting. Traders set up innumerable shops. Woolen blankets from Merta, textiles from Jodhpur, broad necklaces from Nagpur and brassware of Jaipur are all displayed for sale by these traders. Ropes, saddlers and many such items can also be purchased. 

After witnessing the vibrant fair, tourists may take a small leisure trip of the Rajasthan state. Temple of Lord Brahma located in the vicinity is also very famous. An interaction with the tribal folk is also an interesting experience. 

So, if you are also looking forward to catch the charm of the Pushkar camel fair and witness the camel race and the culture of Rajasthan, make sure that you have made all your accommodation arrangements beforehand. With people flocking from all over the world, it can be really difficult to find a suitable place to stay in Pushkar during the fair. 

Do not forget to carry a camera to capture the colors, fun and the tradition of the fair. Visiting the Pushkar camel fair will surely be an experience of a lifetime. Prior arrangements are necessary to ensure that it is a pleasurable one. So, what are you waiting for? Make your bookings for Pushkar before it is too late!

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