Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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Dress for Cold Winter Days With Camel Active

You better brace yourselves...this winter, just like the previous ones, is bound to be pretty cold! These last few weeks alone, temperatures in western Europe went down to -18 degrees Celsius. With at least 3 more winter months to go, investing in some decent winter clothing is essential. That's why we've listed some tips to help you keep warm.

Rule number one: keep your head warm! Most of your body warmth is lost through the head. Bald people don't wear those old men's hats for fun (even though it does look cool). Your head is responsible for more than 30% of all leaked body heat. Even if you are blessed with big hair, covering it up keeps your head, and therefor your whole body, extra warm. Golden rule while buying hats: the more stupid it looks, the warmer is probably is. Luckily for us, big, knitted hats are still very much in fashion. Earmuffs are apparently also allowed again by the fashion police.
Another golden rule: wear layers. You will feel much warmer dressed in three thinner layers (undershirt, shirt, sweater), than when wearing one very thick jumper. The air that gets trapped in between the separate layers will insulate your body. An added benefit is that you can peel off or put on layers as you move around during the day. Nobody likes getting sweaty in the office because it's cold out. And judging on the temperatures in some stores, shop owner seem to think people walk around in their swimming wear during winter. The sweat will make your clothes moist, and you will get very cold once you go outside again. So make sure you can take something off when you start getting hot.
Invest in a good pair of shoes. Your socks and shoes are all your feet have. Don't neglect them! Wear properly fitting shoes, preferably with rubber soles. Gore-tex materials are always a good idea, and the same goes for boots. Boots are definitely in fashion and come in various sizes and styles. Cowboy boots, rider boots, knee-length boots...as long as they have a somewhat decent sole, you're good.
For outdoor activities, invest in a pair of good quality hiking boots. These will last you forever and they will spare you from coping with half frozen toes in the middle of the woods. Some brands like Camel Active, sell shoes with a fur or wool lining for extra toasty feet! Combine natural and synthetic materials. Natural materials such as wool breathe better (less sweat!) and stay warm, even when damp or wet.
On the other hand, they are usually less windproof. Some brands incorporate synthetic yet breathing materials in their winter jackets which is of course the perfect solution. Wear overlapping clothes. The last thing you want, is exposing your bare skin to the below-zero temperatures whenever you reach out for something. For example, if you are wearing a cropped shirt, make sure to cover any cracks or uncovered areas with a longer jacket. Stuff your leggings or your jeans in your boots, so the chilly wind doesn't come in. Buy a jacket that has long enough sleeves, so they overlap with your gloves. Make sure you buy the right size clothes. You may be tempted to buy oversized sweaters to snuggle up in, but truth is, this makes it easier for the warmth to escape. On the other hand, clothes that are too tight will only make you sweat.
Last, but not least: Yes, it's cold out there. Don't let this fact tempt you into wearing only baggy sweatshirts and shapeless hoodies! We don't suggest you go for a walk in the park dressed in a flimsy dress and open toed heels, but it's perfectly possible to dress fashionably and stay warm at the same time. We can't emphasize it enough: layers, layers, layers! Lots of active lifestyle or leisure brands offer ranges of fashionable yet warm winter clothes and shoes. Brands like Camel Active even let you order you clothes online and deliver them to your doorstep, so you don't have to face the cold wind. Don't you just love the 21st century...

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