Friday, December 30, 2011

cat rescue

Cat Rescue

Today, cats are the favored house pets all over the world, and have out numbered dogs for a decade or more. Many of us pet owners and our veterinarians have seen unprecedented numbers of well cared for felines living alongside people who are willing to make it necessary to give their pets long, healthy and happy lives.

Recent scare concerning feline AIDS led to the needless slaughter of a large number of healthy house hold pets. when newspapers in California reported that a number of domestic cats had been identified as carrying aids virus,many owners panicked and had their pet cats put to sleep, in case a simple scratch from a feline claw would gave them the dreaded disease. Within hours of the reports appearing in the press, vets and cat sanctuaries were flooded with requests to have cats destroyed or to find them new homes.
Fear of infection were quite unfounded, because the disease feline aids, is cause by a different virus from the ones that attacks humans. True,it belongs, to the same group of virus,but within that group it is only distantly related so, even if bitten or scratched by a cat that had somehow smeared its teeth or claws with infected blood from its sores, the human victim would still not be able to pick up the disease. There were no evidence at the time and still there are no other source that feline aids can infect the humans body. Similarly humans aids cannot be transmitted to cats.
Sometimes it seem that these newspapers, and news enthusiast, take pleasure in a lot of shady uncharacteristic information, and without any caution their plans are premeditated to cruelty. This may seems paranoid but unfortunately there are unsavory people who take advantage of others through pets.
Our pets are well secured and examine regularly,

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