Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Camel Festival

About Camel Festival:
Camel Festival is one of the most important as well as the most famous festival of the gem city - 'Bikaner' of the heritage Indian state of Rajasthan. This is a colorful festival with a lot of fun, music, arts and entertaining events. This grand festival is being organized every year by the Department of Tourism, Art & Culture, Rajasthan in the month of January. This year Camel Festival will be organized between 18th to 20th January 2011. Camel Festival is the best event, where you may see the ships of desert - camel.

This tremendous fest is celebrated at the vast grounds, enriched with golden-yellow sands and the massive Junagarh Fort at its backdrop. The magnificent fest starts with the procession of beautifully decorated camels. The camels are fantastically decorated with bright-colored, fancy Rajasthani textiles and stunning accessories. The procession leads to the open sand grounds, where the festival begins.
Events & Attractions:
Camel extravaganza is held on the beginning day of the fest, in which the camel owners decorate their camels in the best way with jewelry and textiles. It is a kind of Camel Show. Also many other such activities like camel dance, best decorated camel, fur cutting design, camel milking and the best camel hair-cut are performed. Under their trainers, the camels give such amazing performances, that force everyone to cut its finger.
Camel race is the major attraction of the fest, in which camels of all the region take part. A number of tourists and visitors come to see the race and to cheer their favorites as well.
The evenings of the fest are in the name of local arts and folks. Various artists give their wonderful performances of dance, folk music that mesmerize the visitors.
The festival ends with the fascinating fireworks, that glitters the whole sky and leave unforgettable memories in the hearts of visitors.
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