Monday, December 26, 2011

himalayan cats

Himalayan Cat

Himalayan is a breed of long-haired felines. It is a very popular and pretty cat. The cat originated in 1930 in United States through breeding of Persian and Siamese cats. The objective was to create a breed with the long hair of the Persian and the points of the Siamese. Indeed it is referred to today in European countries as the Colorpoint Persian.

The Himalayan is light colored at birth. With time markings develop on face, limbs, ears and tail. This is attributed at times to difference in temperature between the trunk and extremities. Accepted colors include blue, brown, chocolate, cream, flame, lilac and red. Fur is long, flowing and often thick. Overall built of the cat is stocky with short limbs and large round paws. Head is round and somewhat big and supported by a short neck. Ears are small, though eyes are big, bright and round, in varying shades of blue.
Owing to their extremely long fur, these Colorpoint Persians are subject to periodic development of matts and hairballs, requiring regular grooming and baths. Their depressed nose obstructs their breathing at times and compresses the tear ducts, leading to permanently watery eyes in some cases. As such, the Himalayans often require their face to be wiped as the coat is brushed daily. Furthermore decades of inbreeding to create the prefect Himalayan has meant that these pretty felines sometimes suffer from genetic defects, resulting in organ failures, in particular Polycystic Kidney Disease.
As regards temperament, the Himalayans are quite peaceful and at times laid back. They are loving and interested in their owners and develop close bonds with them. Social and gentle cats, the Himalayans make adoring companions. Even as their company requires daily grooming and maintenance, pet owners around the world recognize that it is well worth the effort and cherish the company of these lovely cats.
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