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hypoallergenic cats

Hypoallergenic Cat

If ones nose starts running, eyes water, throat feels like it is closing or hives develop when a cat is near, an allergy to it is the problem. Immunotherapy, a series of injections is one solution. Another is purchasing a hypoallergenic cat.

Allerca Lifestyle Pets sells hypoallergenic kittens for $5,950. The kitten is a short haired breed based on the British Shorthair. Although not guaranteed, the sex and coat color and pattern are optional. Currently, there is a two year wait but for an additional $1950, the waiting time can be reduced. Allerca offers a one year full refund guarantee.
Allergic reaction to a cat is caused by Fel d 1 glycoprotein which is secreted by the skin and saliva. In worst cases, it can cause asthma in allergy sufferers. Every time a it licks or rubs against something, Fel d 1 is deposited. The allergen builds up quickly existing every where it has been.
How does Allerca create a hypoallergenic cat? The company uses a form of selective breeding. It isolated the gene that produced Fel d 1 and accelerated the genetic divergence process thus minimizing or eliminating the gene. This did not cause any genetic problems with the animal.
There are some breeds that can lessen an allergic reaction. Different breeds have different levels of Fel d 1. Devon and Cornish Rex have a reduced number of hairs leaving less surface area to collect allergens. The Shpynx is almost completely hairless. The Russian Blue has a low level of this allergen. The Siberian has the least amount of this allergen of all breeds. Females have less of this allergen then males. Un-neutered males have more than neutered males.
Some of the ways to minimize the amount of allergens:
Spay or neuter.
Wash it periodically in plain water.
Flea control.
Install an air filtration system.
Ventilate the house.
Vacuum carpets with HEPA equipped vacuum cleaner.
Avoid wearing wool which attracts allergens.
Keep the litter box in a well ventilated area.
Use an enclosure to keep it outside sometimes.
The best way to treat this allergy is not to have a cat. Other alternatives are to suffer with the allergy and use over the counter medications to treat it. Get a series of injections to reduce the allergic symptoms. Contact Allerca and purchase a hypoallergenic cat.
Frank Loethen lives with his wife and three cats, Sunny, Sinclair and Midnite, in Georgia. If you enjoyed this article, please visit my cat products website,, your one stop site for all your cat and kitten needs. Cat food, cat toys, litter accessories and cat treats are among the many items on the site. You can also see my three cats on the site.

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