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Raising A Red Kangaroo: Details You Should Know About

Is raising a red kangaroo something you want to do real soon? Then, you have to make sure that you're prepared to face this kind of challenge. You can start preparing yourself by reading about the details about this unique exotic animal that I'm going to discuss in this article.

Let's start your lesson on raising a red kangaroo with a brief description of the exotic animal that you want to take care of at home. This kangaroo species is the largest one of all the species out there. This species is also the one that most of people are familiar with. Their furs range in color from shades of gray to brown to something that has a reddish tint. Their ears on the other hand are pointy. These animals have an amazing sense of hearing. They also have very strong legs and wide feet. The opposite is for their upper limbs, which are short and skinny. However, they have sharp claws on their upper limbs. Their tails are thick and very powerful as well. They use their tails for balancing.
Males can reach a height of 5 to 6 feet when they reach adulthood. They weigh around 200 lbs. The females on the other hand are a bit shorter because they only average at a height of 4 to 4 1/2 feet. They usually weigh half of what the males do. These exotic animals can be found in different areas around Australia. They typically thrive in the mainland areas, which is very dry. They spend most of their time in open areas looking around. When they are in their native land, these animals aren't usually active during daytime because of the immense heat. They usually stay in well shaded areas to rest during the day. They wait until temperatures go down or for the sun to set. They become active at night and during early morning. They typically move in groups, which are referred to as mobs. The members of the group often get along well with each other. However, they go through some conflicts at times. This is particularly true for the male members of the group because of their intentions on becoming the leader of the mob. Males usually show their dominance through boxing.
Red kangaroos are herbivores. Their diet is largely made up of different plants and grasses. Even though they need water in order to survive, they can last for a really long time without it. They usually get most of their water from the vegetation that they feed on. They don't chew the food that they eat. Instead, they swallow it. After they swallow their food, they regurgitate it and chew it up before it's digested.
As for reproduction, mating usually takes place anytime during the year. The females gestate for 30 days and will give birth to a tiny joey. Babies are kept inside the pouch of their mothers. They stay there for at least 8 months before they start to go out of the pouch. When this time comes, the joeys will get on and off of their mothers' pouch until they reach the age of one year.
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