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all about cats

All About Cats

Cats have been around for thousands of years, most of which they bred in the open unsupervised by humans. Humans acquired cats mainly for hunting and for keeping down the rodent population. According to researchers the cat first became domesticated in the valley of the Nile, less than 5,000 years or so ago. As we became more interested in the cat for purposes other than hunting cat owners became more selective in the type of cat they purchased which led to breeders.

There are some ancient breeds that go back more than 1,000 years such as the Japanese Bobtail, that can be traced back more than 1,000 years and were well known in Medieval Japan. They are sadly just a myth today.
In North America there are more common cat breeds including the alley cat, the Persian, and also the Siamese. There are several different breeds that are lumped together as alley cats. Alley cats make good pets. Many feral and homeless cats are alley cats, which is why there are so many of them. Persian cats can be expensive, depending on where you purchase one. Cats are very loving and make good companions. Siamese cats are very noisy, and are known to be destructive; still they are popular possibly because of their distinctive looks.
The look of a cat is why most owners select them. Owners are interested in color, hair length, eyes and ears of the cat. Cats were one of the first pets and remain a favorite today among pet owners.
Today cats are used for companionship and sometimes as show cats.
Cats can be obtained through breeders, cat shelters, and by individuals selling kittens in local newspapers.
No matter how you get your cat, make sure that you have a vet check them out immediately to be sure that they are healthy. Once you have determined that your cat is healthy, you will have a good companion for a long time.
Things you should know about cats in general before you buy one:
Besides being great companions cats require less time to groom than a dog does, less training (usually), and do not usually require a bath.
Resign yourself to the fact that having a cat means having to scoop litter out of a litter box everyday, or hiring someone else to do it.
Cat smell, hmmmmm this can be from two sources...the litter box, which you forgot to clean, or if you have an un-spayed cat it could be a little something left behind.
All cats shed, and if you do not brush a cat frequently, you will find little cat hairs all over your clothes, rugs, bed, furniture, and well everywhere!
Some people are allergic to pet dander and react to most cats.
Cats are nocturnal creatures which means they are awake most of the night.
Cats are usually climbers, because they are curious and they like to perch up high and see what everyone is doing from a great vantage point.
They are flea, heartworm and disease magnets if exposed to these items.
Cats have a great sense of humor and love making you laugh. They are pure fun to watch in action.
Cats make a very pleasant purring sound, which can lull you to sleep.
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