Monday, December 19, 2011


Horse Boarding Stables - The Important Steps to a Happy Horse

When looking through the different horse boarding stables around, it may become a little intimidating trying to figure out which one would be the best one for not only your horse, but for your needs as well. There are many places that offer good deals for boarding a horse, but of course the question in mind would be if the facility offers the proper equipment and enough free roaming space for the horse's happiness and good health.

One of the more important things that horses would need to get great exercise is a large enough area to run, play and interact with other horses. Check the amount of room available for the horses, while also keeping in mind the number of horses that are boarded in that particular stable. If there are too many horses in a small area, most, if not all of the horses will experience stress that may begin to affect them physically and emotionally. Horses are very social and athletic creatures that need opportunities to learn and grow with other horses, while also going out to explore their surroundings.
Another very important thing to look at is the stables themselves. Make sure the stables are well structured and in good working order, with a fair amount of room for the horses to stay in. Just as important as the exercise fields, the stables must be an adequate size to keep the horse relaxed and give them a sense of safety without being too constricting. Check the equipment in and around the stables to see their condition as well. If everything looks to be well kept and regularly checked and cleaned, shows the general care given to caring for the horses.
For most, finding the perfect horse boarding stables the first place they check would be considered very lucky, but of course it is quite possible. Ask around to people you know and trust, or check with the different equestrian shops that you know. The staff are usually horse experts and certainly the people who would have the most background knowledge of the various boarding stables around.
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