Thursday, December 29, 2011

stray cats

Stray Cat Adoption

Adopting stray cats will not only benefit us, but also the cat itself. These cats are the ones we can see around the streets and they are taken into the local shelters to have a temporary home. If we adopt one, then we can provide them the proper caring and love that they need. It is a very pleasurable thing to have cats at home. They can be really cute and cuddly. They are going to be a very good company to us if ever we have one. The hose will never get boring if we have one at home.

Once we decide to adopt a stray cat, we need to be sure that we are going to be responsible owners. It will be a very big responsibility to be the official and legal owners of a pet.
The initial thing we have to do once we have decided to adopt a cat is go to the local animal shelter and tell them we like to have a cat of our own. After that, they will show us the available cats ready for adoption. If we have chosen the ones that we like, we need to fill out some papers and register the cat as our pets so that we can be legal owners of it.
Once all the legal procedures are done, we can then take the cat into our homes. We have to know that during the first few days of the inside our house, it will not feel very at home. It will still scare of us because it does not know yet that we are its owners.
We need to make sure that we give them an initial cleaning. That way, we can be sure that it will not spread any germs into our homes. It is probably hungry at this time. Local shelters do not have much supply for all their pets. We have to feed them with good food. The first time of feeding would be the time when the cat will first recognize us as its owners. We need to make sure to stay sweet and kind to them as possible so that we won't scare them away.
The idea is not only adopt the cat but also let it adopt us as its owners. We need to make sure to provide its needs. It means all of the caring, petting and grooming of our pets not only providing them food.
In the long run, our cats will be kind to us and they will not be scared anymore. We will then have a better understanding and relationship with them as their owners. There is no bigger gift for an animal but to have an owner that will provide its needs and will shelter it from the outdoors.

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