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10 Cat Names and Their Meanings

Some people may wonder if there is any point in taking the time to name a cat. It's well-known that calling them by that name is no guarantee that they are going to come to you. Offering admonishments of "No, Fluffy!" is going to, more often than not, bring the exact same results as if you'd said nothing at all.

While cats certainly have a mind of their own and are not prone to being even the least bit obedient, the name is still an important part of the ritual of owning a cat. Even if naming a cat (and later using that name) is an exercise in futility, we still want to get it right.
Here are 10 cat names along with their meanings to help you get started in the search for the perfect name for your four-legged feline friend.
  • Tigger
Meaning: Winnie the Pooh's bouncing friend
This is among the most popular names for cats, especially if the cat happens to have tiger like stripes. Not very original, but if you ask your child to help name the cat, this is very likely to be among the suggestions.
  • Emu
Meaning: Egyptian word for "cat"
You probably don't hear about a lot of cats named Emu, but if you're looking for a name that is different and that can be a bit of a conversation starter, this might be the one.
  • Lucy
Meaning: Learning, light
This name is popular for both cats and dogs, but just seems to fit some cats very well. This is a particularly appropriate name for a cat that tends to be funny as it pays homage to one of the greatest comediennes of all time.
  • Maggie
Meaning: A pearl
Not only is this once popular name making a comeback in the feline world, but more and more people are naming their human babies Maggie as well.
  • Zoe
Meaning: Life
Another name that is popular for humans as well as animals, Zoe is perfect for your laid back female cat.
  • Lalla
Meaning: Abbreviation of a name that means well-spoken
Have a very vocal cat? This name would be a cute nod to her penchant for verbalizing. As a bonus, it's kind of fun to say.
  • Paco
Meaning: Free
This is the perfect name if you got your cat by answering a "free to a good home ad".
  • Sage
Meaning: Wise one
This name gives your cat the credit she THINKS she deserves. It does seem that most cats think they are smarter than people. Might as well give them a name that reflects that.
  • Tabitha
Meaning: Biblical character noted for her good works
This name was very popular during the 60's and 70's when the show Bewitched featured a character by that name. It is debatable whether this name is appropriate for cats since most are not known for their good works.
  • Waqi
Meaning: Falling
The name means falling, but sounds like "wacky". Seems like a perfect name for a cat!
Even though you know he or she won't come when you say it, naming your cat can still be fun. Don't look at it like an exercise in futility, consider your way of giving your cat the gift of something very specific to ignore.
Neil Lemons is a pet lover and Online Journalist. He has had the privilege of owning several cats and dogs over the years, some living into their 90s (in dog years). For information on where you can buy homemade flavored cat treats, check out, world authority on healthy animal treats for your dog, cat, or ferret.

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