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Raw diet for dogs

The raw food diet for dogs combines fruits, vegetables, and meats. Variation in the diet is key, and the same food must not be fed more frequently than four consecutive days. Always make sure meals have green and yellow foods and do not have cabbage, which leads to gas. It is also important to leave out foods such as cucumbers, which are not properly digested.

This diet should be half raw meat, no less. If owners feel discomfort at feeding dogs completely raw meats, something slightly cooked can be fed at first. However, with time, meat must not be cooked at all for the best results.

Acceptable types of meat are lamb, beef, duck, venison, and turkey. It is okay to serve the same meat again for up to four days, but not more. After this time a new meat should be given. The reasons is that giving identical meals each day can contribute to hypersensitivities developing in dogs.

Appropriate side dishes include oats. Oats are exceptionally good because they are easily digested and well absorbed. To make them put them in a pot with boiling water and cover them. They should continue cooking and softening for about twenty minutes. Alternatives to oats include noodles, brown rice, or potatoes.

Another important component of this diet are vegetables and fruits. Carrots have many vitamins, calcium, and potassium. Adding parsley will help improve thyroid and adrenal gland health, heal the urinary tract, and improve oxygen metabolism. Celery gives a completely natural sodium source that leads to proper fluidity of lymph and the blood. It is also a diuretic that improves arthritis, water retention, and urinary complications.

Spices such as garlic and paprika may be combined with food. Bananas, mangoes, apples, zucchini, alfalfa, and watercress are also good additions. Anything raw contained within this same category that dogs like to eat are great choices.

It is important to add foods of a green or yellow color to meals. This is because these foods help eliminate toxins from the body. One of the best scavengers of free radicals is watermelon.

Every week some cheese, a boiled egg, and yogurt can be put in a dogs meal. The mixture is combined in a blender along with a half cup of water and several vegetables. This is then mixed with other foods. However, do not supply this more than once a week.

Never mix raw turnips, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, or beans in with food. These create intestinal gas, which is very unpleasant. It is also important to avoid tomato, cucumbers, peppers, spinach, and onions. None of these are easily digested in a canines system.

A raw food diet for dogs requires large amounts of meat. This is combined with multiple raw vegetables, including celery and carrots. Noodles or oats may be combined with foods but gas causing vegetables like turnips or cabbage should be avoided. Also should foods like peppers and onions which cannot be readily digested by dogs.

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