Monday, December 5, 2011

Diet For Dogs

The dog universe is a-buzz these days about the natural diet for dogs. A lessening in overall pet health, commercial pet food recalls and huge vet bills are some of the reasons pet owners have started closely examining their pet food and the consequences it is having on their dog's well being.

Natural diets, also called the raw food diet for dogs, refer to a species appropriate diet as if your canine were living in the wild. Dogs, being carnivores, would eat meat, bones, vegetable matter and grains, with the vegetable matter and grains coming from the stomach ingredients of its prey.

But is this sort of diet the best diet for dogs? Let's take a closer look.

For many pet owners, the thought of feeding your best pal all raw food doesn't sound the least bit healthy at first. Thoughts of harmful bacteria and diseases come to mind and it seems like it would be more harmful than nutritious.

We tend to ignore the fact that we are really different species. We humans cook our food to kill bacteria and disease, so it seems reasonable to do the same for the canine members of our family.

We need to appreciate that the digestive system of humans and dogs are different. A dog's digestive system is specifically designed to eat raw foods. That's why when your dog eats a dead animal it does not get sick from it.

Another point to examine in natural diets for dogs is that your pet will eat a lot of the same fare that you would eat, but in a healthy way instead of table scraps. The greatest difference is cooking.

When you look at a raw food diet meal example, you'll see that it's actually much better than the images we get from conjuring about our pets hunting and eating in the wild.


Raw meat any raw muscle meat will work, however many pet owners use ground turkey or regular hamburger because of price and handiness.

Raw bones turkey necks, chicken necks or chicken backs.

Unprocessed vegetables and fruit Carrots, apples, green beans, kale, watercress, parsley, mustard greens, etc. Use a blender or food processor to blend and mix with meat and bones and serve

Some of the plusses of a natural diet for dogs can be helpful in deciding to try it with your pet. Many pet owners state that their dogs have better smelling breath, cleaner teeth, healthier skin and coats, and more energy. They also say that their dogs seem generally happier and healthier overall.

The bottom line is that we all like our dogs and want them to live a long and happy life. Just as with humans, that premieres with proper diet and nutrition. The best diet for dogs is one based on general dog dietary needs, and then is modified to your pet's individual needs and tastes.

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