Friday, December 2, 2011


The number of career paths available to choose from in the field of veterinary science are almost too many to count. Although the first thing most people think about is a doctor of veterinary medicine (veterinarian), there are many, many other career paths open in the field of veterinary science. Agribusiness is just one other area of veterinary science and includes range and livestock management, animal husbandry and nutrition, and biosecurity practices.
Range and livestock management involves the care and feeding of food animals. Cattle, sheep, swine, and poultry all require special care and conditioning. Many livestock producers obtain degrees in veterinary sciences such as animal biology and sometimes agricultural sciences such as soil and crop management as well. The health and quality of the agricultural industry of the United States is crucial to the world marketplace. The agricultural and livestock industries are closely interconnected.
In the livestock production profession it is crucial to understand the connection between livestock, pasture condition, and livelihood. To maintain the health of livestock an owner must immunize livestock at the correct intervals, protect against environmental conditions that are conducive to parasite production, and monitor the quality of his or her pastures throughout the season. A producer must monitor the health of his or her livestock and be aware of what changing environmental conditions might cause certain symptoms in animals. Pests are more of a problem during certain seasons and infestations can lead to other unhealthy conditions.
Livestock owners maintain a delicate balance of agricultural and animal science awareness to maintain the health and safety of the animals in their care.
Dr. Elizabeth White
Veterinary Science Information Technologies

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