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If your pet is somewhat sick and not feeling well, a quick trip to the vet will solve the questions. Vets are those who look for the welfare and physical condition of the animals. They are the animal version of our doctors who analyze and treat the illness and irregularity of any animal depending on their specialized fields. Some vets focus on various fields such as companion animals or livestock.

There are more or less 8,100 vets existing in Australia according to the Australian Veterinary Association. Some ten percent of the Australian Vets are employed by their respective State Governments. Some have their own small businesses, some employed for research in animal medicines, while some are hired by zoos. Identifying a professional Veterinarian can be easy; becoming a pro is done when a doctor has graduated the veterinary courses in a university and after that has to take a licensure test to be approved by the State Veterinarian Boards in agreement with the State Act.

One of the most famous Australian Vets is Dr. Harry Cooper. He has practiced in both the Great Britain and Sydney. He is also a television personality and an author by which he has hosted many animal series and written many sketchy autobiography books. He most loved in Australia and is favorite and famous in the entire continent.

There are many href="">Australian Vets in the continent depending on where you are located. If you are located in the Sydney NSW, you can check out the Mid Mountains Animal Health Centre. Located on 8 New Street Lawson, Dr John Alexander is the one who is in charge of the reception as well as the veterinary profession. He is versatile in the special interests which include cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, cattle and etc.

If you are a fish owner and residing in the Western Australia State or Victoria, Dr. Richmond Loh of The Fish Vet is a good choice. He is a mobile vet that can cross across both states in a schedule. He provides services such as a Full-clinical check up and work up for your fish problems, minor surgeries, advices on tank/pond set ups, and even home visits.

In the Brisbane Queensland State, Elaine Cebuliak of Animal Wellness is an excellent veterinarian that specializes in Acupunctural fields, herbal medicine, muscle therapy, and dentistry in almost all kinds of companion animals. She has various workshops and locums located at Brisbane, Adelaide, and Sydney. She also lectures in her specialty field in various places throughout Australia.

These vets are just few of many that are certified in their practices. If you want professional help and want to know if the vet want to visit is certified, then you can visit the Australian Veterinary Association website which offers complete information and contact on qualified doctors. But most importantly, a good vet is someone who respects and empathic to both animals or even to clients alike. They are the one who have a real commitment on taking care of the animal

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