Friday, December 2, 2011

Veterinary Technician

Veterinary science is a highly specialized field of study and as a veterinarian technician you would occupy an important niche in this career path. You can even use the vet tech job as a springboard to become a veterinarian technologist in the future.
As a veterinary technician you will be responsible for helping in the care and treatment of animals. The types of animals that you will be seeing in the course of a day will depend on the veterinarian you work.
Today, there are vets who care for exotic animal species such as reptiles and amphibians while others may choose to treat typical family pets such as dogs and cats. There are even veterinarians who specialize in large animals such as cows and horses and vets who work with the animals living in zoos. Vet techs are the ones who handle many of the important tasks related to the care and treatment of all types of animals.

Today people demand the best in veterinary care and as a veterinary technologist or vet technician you will assist in providing quality animal care services at all times.
As a vet tech you will be assisting the veterinarian. This means that you will be performing a wide assortment of duties. You will need to be able to multi-task, think quickly on your feet and be ready to respond to emergencies at all hours.
Most people who work as veterinary technicians are assigned jobs such as obtaining blood and stool samples, performing skin scrapings, and providing dental care for dogs and cats. Some techs will also help with X-rays, give shots and meds to animals or they may even be directed to help teach the owner how to properly care for their pets.
It is up to most veterinary technologists and technicians to actively promote better care and treatment of animals. This is why the job is well suited for those individuals who truly love and appreciate animals.
As a vet tech you may also provide normal office duties such as routine cleaning and organization. It is expected that most vet techs will also help provide important pre and post-operative care for animals. In some instances you will also need to prepare equipment by sterilizing them.
In the course of your work you should be expected to deal with animals that are healthy as well as many that are sick, ill or injured. Euthanizing animals is another part of the job that can be unsettling to many individuals.
For one of the positions as an entry-level vet technician, it will be necessary for you to have a 2-year associate degree. A beginning veterinarian technologist will have earned a BS degree from a 4 year college.
To help prepare yourself for a job as a vet technologist or a veterinary technician you should familiarize yourself with animal care by volunteering at a local animal rescue. You might even ask if there are any jobs available at a nearby veterinary office. After all every little bit of animal care experience will help you get your foot in the door when you are ready to apply for work as a vet tech.
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