Friday, December 2, 2011

Veterinary Science

Veterinary science specialists are needed in many areas, especially the plethora of zoos and aquariums all over the world. These specialists take the form of marine biologists, biochemists, and habitat and ecosystem specialists. The animals that are housed in zoos and aquariums are sometimes endangered species that do not exist outside of captivity. The care and preservation of these fish and animals is important for the health of our planet and many different specialists in many fields of animal sciences and marine biology are always in demand.
Zoos and aquariums are spectator favorites all over the world. The career opportunities for the field of veterinary and biomedical sciences are many. Every country can boast at least one zoo; in the United States most individual states have many zoos and aquariums. Each creature in each one of these facilities requires special care and handling. Zoos and aquariums are subject to stiff State and Federal regulations that ensure the proper care of all animal species. However, as one can imagine, protecting so many animals in captivity can become a daunting task. Much of the responsibility lies with the individuals charged with the daily care and upkeep of these animals.
Careers in animal or veterinary science at zoos or aquariums have a vast range in technical expertise. Jobs range from animal caretakers, handlers, and feeders to animal trainers and those who perform with animals all the way up to the veterinarians, zoologists, and marine biologists that acquire and care for the animals and fish when an issue occurs. The care and protection of fish and animals in human captivity is an awesome responsibility, one that requires the cooperation and observant attendance of caring individuals at many levels.
It is especially important in these cases of human care that every individual involved with the preservation of these animals be open and honest with each other about the behavior and condition of a fish or animal. Many of these animals are so large or abundant they require a team of caregivers. These individuals must communicate about the behavior of the animals continuously for their own protection and the safety of the fish and animals as well.
Dr. Elizabeth White
Veterinary Science Information Technologies

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